Used in applications demanding minimal phase change over temperature.

  • Superior stability (vs LD PTFE)
  • PTFE “knee” is non-exisitant
  • TF4 dielectric technology

PhaseTrack® PFlex

Flexible interconnect-style cables often used as a semi-rigid replacement.

  • Superior stability (vs DL PTFE)
  • PTFE “knee” is non-existent
  • TF4 Dielectric technology

PhaseTrack® SR

Classic semi-rigid-style cables with optimized phase performance.

  • Superior stability (vs LD  PTFE)
  • PTFE “knee” is nonexistant
  • TF4 dielectric technology

PhaseTrack® LS

Phase-Optimized Flexible Cable that is suitable for all phase sensitive systems.

  • Superior Stability (vs LD PTFE)
  • PTFE “knee” is non-exisitant
  • TF5 dielectric technologyt


Used in applications demanding the ultimate in phase tracking performance.

  • Ultimate phase tracking performance
  • PTFE “knee” is non-exisitent
  • SiO2 dielectric technology