EIM First specializes in providing turnkey engineering solutions for RF drawers from design to implementation and testing of all areas of industry: military, security, medical, aviation, agriculture and more.
A wide range of experienced system engineers: electronic engineers, software & hardware engineers and mechanical engineers, combined with new technologies, provide complete solutions for all aspects of the system: electrical, electronic, RF and MW, software and integration test.


EIM First designs and produces integrated systems include specific test equipment to customer specs: simulators and various subsystems – all designed to meet customer specs electrically, thermally and mechanically. We perform tests to examine the compatibility of the components of the system together with a functional examination and performance of the system developed, in various environmental conditions and working conditions to which the system is designed.
EIM First is a qualified supplier of all major Israeli defense customers of ATE equipment built to spec (BTS) or built to print (BTP), All from design to implementation. They are used for missile testing, radar evaluation, communication equipment testing & etc. We have the testing and manufacturing capabilities either in house or through sub-contractors.



EIM First's production department includes highly skilled and experienced teams, along with new technology which Enabling production of prototypes, small and serial production according to the schedule required by the customer. In order to ensure that the manufactured system meets the requirements of the Standard, EIM Group holds a diamond mark on behalf of the Israel Standards Institute for being a holder of eight quality standards certificates. The quality policy of the EIM Group is one of the highest in the world, and all the project processes from the planning, production and implementation stages are accompanied by supervision and according to the standard.

Our Development

EIM First – Integrated Systems

* Design of RF & Microwave Systems and Drawers include Power and Control Wiring, Semi-Rigid cables

* Performs assemblies according to BTS or BTP client specifications

* Integration and mechanical assembly of components

* Assemblies RF cables up to 100 GHz

* RF cables subassemblies, installations, phase matching and antennas setup on site

* Microwave assemblies architecture and mechanical design, assembly and installation

* RF connectors, filters, power FETs, Antennas

* Electrical testing according to customer requirements – * VSWR * Loss * Phase matching * Delay matching up to 20 GHz * Thermal * Humidity (via external Lab) * Salt (via external Lab)

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