Hermetically sealed flexible RF and microwave transmission line assemblies.

  • Fully vapor sealed
  • Highly ruggedized
  • MIL-C-87104 & MIL-T-81490 qualified

DC-18 GHz ultra low loss bulk coaxial cable and connectors for self assembly.

  • DC-18 GHz do it yourself cable assemblies
  • Ultra stable insertion loss
  • Extremely flexible, low minimum bend radius

Our Phase Critical Assemblies are low loss, multipaction resistant (vented connectors), phase & amplitude stable, radiation resistant, and feature high power handling and low outgassing.

Used for general applications in both field and laboratory conditions.

  • Lowest insertion loss available – DC – 50 GHz
  • Ultra stable insertion loss and VSWR with flexing
  • Lighter weight compared to competing technologies

Classic semi-rigid-style cables with optimized phase performance.

  • Superior stability (vs LD  PTFE)
  • PTFE “knee” is nonexistant
  • TF4® dielectric technology

Times LMR cables are high performance broadband, flexible, low loss 50 Ohm coaxial communication cables designed for use in wireless applications and can be used virtually anywhere high performance coaxial cables are used, including: 

• Internal component and equipment wiring
• Inter/intra cabinet jumpers
• Base station and antenna jumpers
• Tower and pole feeder runs 
• In-building runs, including riser runs and air-handling plenums
• Rooftop installations

Special high performance cables with superior electrical and physical characteristics.

  • Meets all MIL-C17 requirements
  • Good shielding effectiveness
  • Low passive intermod (PIM)

SilverLine® test cables are cost effective, durable, high performance cable assemblies.

Clarity™ Series 18, 26.5, and 40 GHz Test Cables provide industry-leading performance, unparalleled value, and stock to 4-week lead times.

Times Microwave Systems has recently developed an integrated LNA package
to allow the location of a low-noise amplifier (LNA) at the antenna, ahead of the cable assembly, in high-performance aircraft.

UV Resistant Polyethylene jacketed cable designed for 20-year service outdoor use.

  • -155 dBc intermodulation distortion
  • Low loss uhf/microwave interconnect
  • Wireless base station interconnect

Indoor/outdoor highly fire retardant cable intended specifically for runs within and between base station cabinets.

  • UL/NEC rating of ‘CL2P’ for plenum applications
  • Applicable for air handling plenums
  • Applications include dropped ceilings and raised floors

HP and HPL cables are suitable for the following applications:

  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • High power radars
  • High power lasers and many other applications

StripFlex cables provide the ultimate performance in a flexible cable.

  • Lower loss microwave interconnect
  • Wireless base station interconnect
  • Excellent connector selection

SFT™ high-performance microwave cables are rugged and flexible, making them ideal for interconect applications.

  • Lower loss than SF versions
  • Superior shielding effectiveness 
  • Low passive intermod (-155 dBc)

Flexible Alternative to Semirigid Coax for Military and Commercial Applications.

  • Meets all MIL-C-17 requirements
  • Excellent shielding effectiveness
  • Low passive intermod (PIM)

Military Shipboard Low Smoke Coaxial Cables are MIL-C -17 and MIL-DTL-17-QPL rated for MIL-Spec air frames, shipboard and ground applications.

QEAM (Quick Erecting Antenna Mast) Designed specifically for use in demanding, mission critical applications.

  • Exceptionally low bending moment
  • Long bend life (typically more than 10,000 bends)
  • Fully weatherized

Feeder cable for military field deployable antennas.

  • Excellent electrical performance
  • Superior flexing
  • Resistant to harsh environments

Flexible, LMR inspired leaky cable solution

  • Broadband
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to install

Larger sized radiating cable

  • Stable electrical performance
  • Flexible construction
  • No need for cable standoffs

Super flexible, PIM rated, outdoor – SPO Jumpers are the ideal low PIM interconnect solution. 

  • -160 dBc PIM for optimal system performance
  • Corrugated copper outer conductor
  • Large selection of standard configurations 

SPF (Corrugated, Fire Retardant, ‘Riser’)

Fire retardant low loss, low PIM cable assemblies suitable for outdoor use.

  • UL listed, type CMR (riser) UL file #E-170516
  • Super flexible
  • Durable fire retardant, low smoke polyolefin outer jacket

SPP (Plenum, Corrugated)

Flexible, low PIM, plenum rated SPP jumpers are the ideal DAS interconnect solution.

  • -160 dBc PIM for optimal system performance
  • UL listed, type CMP (plenum), UL file #E-170516
  • Super flexible – designed for outdoor use

Ultra flexible PIM and plenum rated jumpers that are the ideal DAS interconnect solution.

  • -160 dBc PIM for optimal system performance
  • UL listed, type CMP (plenum), UL file #E-170516
  • PIM, VSWR and insertion loss test results marked on each jumper