Armored Cable  Assemblie

When "rugged" just isn't rugged enough -

Let Times provide armored cable assemblies to get reliable performance that stands up to your severe environment.  

Armored versions of many cable types are available as custom cable assemblies. Armored cable assemblies are available in the MiltechSilverline, and TCOM product lines, as well as others. Available armor types include a range of thick wall flexible jacketing, flexible wire reinforced with extruded thick wall jackets, and full metal coverage crush resistant square-lock styles with various outer jacket types.


RUGGEDIZATION is a method of adding physical protection of the cable as an integral part of the cable lay-up. This method provides the maximum level of protection while maintaining flexibility and minimizing cable diameter or cable weight increases. INTERNAL RUGGEDIZATION is a feature available in Miltech Cable Assemblies - see "Special Jacket Series".


RUGGEDIZATION is a method of adding physical protection of the cable with that addition of a separate, highly ruggedized outer protective layer. The cable is installed within a protective tube to provide crush resistance while still allowing flexibility. This method can be used to provide the maximum level of protection possible. EXTERNAL RUGGEDIZATION is a feature available for MiltechSilverlineTCOM, and many other Times cable assemblies. SPECIAL JACKET MATERIALS Applications requiring special cable jacket materials can be supported with many Times Products. Plenum ratings, Flame requirementsLow Smoke and Low Toxicity and extended temperature ranges can be accommodated with many of the Times Cables. Thick-wall jacketing is another method of providing enhanced ruggedization and support special exposure requirements. Some of these more specialized products include:

  • Miltech Cable
  • TCOM Cable
  • LLSB Low Loss, Low Smoke / Low Toxicity  Fire Resistant Cable
  • LSSB Low Smoke / Low Toxicity  Fire Resistant Cable
  • LMR-LLPL Low-Loss Plenum Rated Cable
  • LMR-FR Fire Retardant Riser Rated Cable