PhaseTrack PFlex Cable Assemblies

The PhaseTrack PFlex product line consists of flexible cables similar to the TMS TFlex cables, but using the TF4 dielectric material for superior phase performance. PFlex is designed primarily for use "in-the-box," often instead of semi-rigid cables. PFlex cables use a lightweight shield combining helical and wire braid technologies:

Typical performance:

Line graph

Physical and electrical performance details are summarized here:

PhaseTrack PFlex 

Part NumberPF047PF405PF130PF402
Dielectric TechnologyTF4TMTF4TMTF4TMTF4TM
Characteristic Impedance (Ohms)50505050
Propagation Velocity 82.5 %82.5 %82.5 %82.5 %
Delay (nS/ft)
 Phase Tracking in ppm   505050 50
Fco (GHz)142.379.952.338.7
Capacitance (pF/ft)24.424.424.424.4
Shielding (dBc/ft)-90-90-90-90
loss at 6 GHz (dB/100ft)102.7 59.338.030.9
loss at 18 GHz (dB/100ft)186.0110.271.659.4
loss at 40 GHz (dB/100ft)  291.0 177.0 116.9 -
Diameter (in)0.0620.0920.1320.160
Minimum Bend Radius (in)0.2500.5000.6250.750
Mass (lb/1000') 4.511.018.028.0
Temperature Rating (deg C)-55 to +125-55 to +125-55 to +125-55 to +125
Center ConductorSilver Plated Copperclad SteelSilver Plated Copperclad SteelSilver Plated CopperSilver Plated Copper
Outer ConductorSilver Plated Copper StripSilver Plated Copper StripSilver Plated Copper StripSilver Plated Copper Strip
JacketBlue FEPBlue FEPBlue FEPBlue FEP



Click HERE to download the PhaseTrack PFlex Specification Sheet