PhaseTrack Low Smoke Cable Assemblies

PhaseTrack Low Smoke cable assemblies with TF5 dielectric provide flexible phase stable performance using materials developed specifically for use in applications where low Smoke requirements must be supported. The PhaseTrack LS product line consists of PTLS400 and PTLS600 cables.  

PhaseTrack LS -  typical phase vs. temperature performance:


Physical and electrical performance details are summarized here:


PhaseTrack Low Smoke

Part NumberPTLS400PTLS600
Dielectric TechnologyPolymer FoamPolymer Foam
Characteristic Impedance (Ohms)5050
Propagation Velocity 84 %84 %
Delay (nS/ft)1.211.21
Phase Tracking in ppm5050
Fco (GHz)16.210
Capacitance (pF/ft)23.423.4
Shielding (dBc/ft)-90-90
loss at 6 GHz (dB/100')13.28.7
loss at 10 GHz (dB/100')17.611.8
Diameter (in)0.40.6
Minimum Bend Radius (in)46
Mass (lb/1000')100160
Temperature Rating (deg C)-40 to +85-40 to +85
Center ConductorCopper Clad AluminumCopper Clad Aluminum
Outer ConductorSilver Plated Copper Strip BraidSilver Plated Copper  Strip Braid
JacketFlame Retardant PolyethyleneFlame Retardant Polyethylene

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Phase Track LS Cable Documentation