High Density Interfaces / Multi-Port Connectors
Times Microwave High Density Interface families provide quick mate/de-mate of multiple cable assemblies to give you unprecedented microwave connectivity and maintainability. Our high performance M8 Multi-Port, Mini-Multi-Port (MMP) and  BMB 38999 contacts with standard and custom connector shell designs make Times Multi-Port products the best choice in high density interconnect applications.

High-Density Interconnects

Developed to break through physical space barriers 

Multi-Port connections maximize I/O packaging densities and give you nearly instantaneous connect/disconnect/re-connect of multiple microwave transmission lines, providing unmatched system maintainability.



High Density

Times High Density Interface Benefits:

  • Reduce panel space requirements for multiple connector outputs/inputs drastically.
  • Minimize box installation clearances for connections.
  • Prevent cross connected cable assemblies.
  • Radically improve overall system maintainability.
  • Significantly reduce costs and downtime associated with equipment installation and removal.
  • Eliminate the need to Torque or Lockwire individual connectors.