MilTech Replaceable Connectors

Replaceable Connector Front Ends 1

Many Times cable assemblies are available with Replaceable Front End Connectors to provide for easy maintenance and interface interchangeability.

One major benefit of choosing Assemblies using Replaceable Connectors is the availability of many interchangeable connector front ends. This allows simple field replacement of damaged interfaces using hand tools, often while the cable assembly is still installed. Replaceable front end connectors are available to support a range of cable assembly types, including MILTECH Assemblies (Standard, Lightweight and XR Cable Series), TCOM, QEAM and other assembly families.



Replaceable Connector Front Ends 2

Times Replaceable Front End Connectors are available in several different series to support various Time cable assemblies.

Times interchangeable front ends available in a range of styles:

125 STYLE-  
Used on most Miltech standard series assemblies and many Testmate, QEAM, and other cable assembly product lines, this is our high performance workhorse series of rugged, broadband replaceable front end connectors. These ruggedized connectors meet MIL-T-81490 and MIL-C-87104/2 requirements.

137 STYLE-  
Lighter-weight versions of the standard MilTech connectors. Featuring physically smaller couplings, and in some cases featuring alternate materials, they are still rugged and fully qualified connectors.

Other Styles- 
Other styles of replaceable front ends support many more specialized cable assemblies, including high power, high density interfaces, and others.