MilTech LightWeight (MTL) Series

MilTech Lightweight (MTL) Series cables take the MilTech technology to the next level, and incorporate weight saving composite outer conductor structures, and in some versions, lighter weight alloy center conductors. The outer braided jackets also incorporate high tensile strength fibers to assure lighter weight and long life. Qualified to specific MIL-T-81490 and MIL-C-87104 requirements, this cable series is being used in the latest generation of high performance military and commercial aircraft.


Cable sizes listed here provide a wide range

of cables to support loss/size/weight trade-offs. Replaceable 137 style connectors provide fully qualified lightweight performance, allow field maintenance, and enhance versatility. These vapor sealed cables provide long life in extreme environments, and are "inherently ruggedized:" the basic cable design and construction enhance the handling characteristics of the finished assemblies. Captivated contact terminations provide long-term interface stability. These assemblies were designed to provide reliable lightweight microwave connections you can count on.

MTL 210 - Versatile lightweight 18 GHz cable provides lower loss with a small outer diameter.

MTL 230 - Versatile lightweight 18 GHz cable sized to allow loss and size trade-offs.

MTL 270 - Versatile lightweight 18 GHz cable sized to allow loss and size trade-offs.

MTL 330  - Sized to provide optimized 18 GHz low loss performance, this lightweight cable can be combined with many 125 style, 137 style, 141 style and other M8 and MMP high density interfaces.

MTL 440 - Lower Loss performance to 12 GHz, this lightweight cable uses a clad alloy center conductor for lighter weight.


Cable TypeCable Diameter (in / mm, nominal)Max Loss @ 18GHz (dB/ft)Propagation Velocity, nominal (Vg,)Minimum Static Bend Radius (in / mm)Cable Mass, nominal
MTL2100.21" / 5.3mm0.4477%0.95" / 24mm0.03lbs/ft (45g/m)
MTL2300.23" / 5.8mm0.3680%1.1" / 28mm0.037lbs/ft (55g/m)
MTL2700.27" / 6.9mm0.2980%1.25" / 32mm0.048lbs/ft (71g/m)
MTL3300.34" / 8.6mm0.2281%1.8" / 46mm0.068lbs/ft (101g/m)
MTL4400.44" / 11mm0.14 (12 GHz)78%2.5" / 64mm0.135lbs/ft (200g/m)