HeliFoil Cable Assemblies


Features & Benefits:
• Lowest Insertion Loss Available, DC-40GHz
• Ultra Stable Loss, Phase and VSWR with Flexing
• Excellent Phase Tracking Performance over Temperature
• Extremely Flexible, Low Minimum Bend Radius
• Superior Shielding Effectiveness (>100 dB)

HeliFoil ultra low loss, flexible microwave coaxial cable and assemblies provide excellent performance over the
DC-18 GHz frequency range. HeliFoil cable comes in different sizes, with options of stranded center
conductors for better flexibility. All sizes provide lowest attenuation, excellent phase stability, broad operating
temperature range and high power handling making them a good choice for interconnect and testing applications in both field and laboratory conditions.

Installation of the connectors requires induction soldering and is only recommended for experienced assembly
shops. Custom assemblies can be provided to meet your requirements.